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Mpogo Community primary school is a community based school located in Buikwe District

Mpogo community school is a gender mixed school that has been in existence for the last 50 years. It started with a number of few residents in the region that felt need for education in their village and mobilized each other to come up a few furniture to educate their children. For over the last 50 years the community has been struggling to upgrade the school to fit in the 21st century competences by installing infrastructure but they have failed due to poverty and other related problems affecting their wellbeing.

The school has 5 classes (nursery – Primary five) and It is comprised of 99 students. It has 7 volunteering teachers that are surely in an unbearable situation and need a lot to trigger their love and commitment to serve well.
We managed to organize our team to reach the lives of those children out there that lack every good in their lives just like any other child out there in a better home.

Topic 1 #MPOGOstudylifechallenges
As cherish aid foundation We found out that the school lacks enough classrooms to accommodate the number of pupils and the classes.

According to the Ugandan syllabus every child on primary level have to study the allocated subjects to fit in the standards of other school but due to few classes the pupils find themselves missing out the cores of education because they have to share the available classes to leave room for others to study the little affecting them.

They sometimes study in trees and some other grass roofed classroom only when the weather is favorable. When it rains or when the weather is not conducive, they are forced to share to share a class with different subjects of study and teachers making it hard for the pupils to concentrate and focus on that particular study.

The small available classrooms are in a miserable state without cement, dusty floor and jiggers which clearly affects the child health and academic growth.

The pupils are affected with jiggers because none of them comes from a family that can provide them with shoes.

Not enough furniture for the pupils to multitask while studying. The available seats are mere benches that can’t meet the study methods of any proper class.

They face many problems while studying for example they will have to kneel down while writing notes during the lessons.

There is not enough scholastic materials for both the pupils and teachers. The pupils lack enough books to help to write the notes and reminders and end up writing all the subjects in one book while others even fail to own a single book. And For the volunteering teachers, they don’t have text books to guide them on the syllabus and during their teaching.

Some of the pupils come from far distant places from school and making them reach late at school because they can’t risk walking in the early morning scary roads.

As cherish Aid Foundation we managed to donate to them books, pens, pencils, and clothes.

if you join us and we empower together they can change their lives please contact us be a blessing to the less privileged #cherishAidfoundation


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