Cherish Aid KSK Foundation (CHAIF) was founded in February 2016 and it operated as a Community based organization CBO. with its slogan “Young Peoples’ hope in Motion”

Later it was later incorporated by the Uganda Registration Bureau URSB in November 2018 on URSB Reg No:  80020001403511.

After carrying out successful outreaches that where approved by local leaders in schools and communities on creating awareness about HIV and prevention, women empowerment programs, girl child mentorship projects and emphasizing environmental restoration the movement went viral and many youths joined as volunteers.

In February 2020 it obtained the NGO Board Certificate and work permit to operate on File No: MIA/NB/2019/12/3686 and to carry out its activities/ Outreaches mostly sensitizing young people in schools and communities about Environmental protection, empowering the women and girls through our Girl child guardianship program, and livelihood skills across all districts in Uganda


Cherish Aid KSK Foundation is a Youth-led Non profit Organization that focuses on youth empowerment programs, empowering young women and girls,  putting more emphasis on environmental restoration and conservation through developing policies, strategies and programs that engage, young people in addressing Climate change which is a complex challenge that has an impact on global issues, including poverty, economic development, population growth, sustainable development and resource management.