After volunteering with several non-profit organizations he gained experience in community worker and this helped him experiment  leadership skills while inspiring a lot of young people he joined the Youth SDGs fellowship that is organized by the youth achievers forum Africa at the Labour college of East Africa he successfully completed a short course  in UN SDGs training and mentor-ship program.

With the enthusiasm he had for the environment he started in schools and communities together with his team where he has sensitized over 7,000 young people about the solutions to environmental issues and climate catastrophes. In this campaign many young people joined on a voluntary basis after understanding the importance of tress to the environment as the first easy solution to climate challenges. In this campaign with his team they agreed to plant at least 10 tree every week

In 2017 Destin traveled to South America in Ecuador and volunteered with Edificar Fundacion a non-profit organization from where he learnt a lot of skills in youth Leadership and also was an added advantage to learn the Spanish language which he speaks fairly good.

On 10th August 2020 he signed a contract with Climate Science UK to act as the national coordinator of in sensitizing young people and mostly university students  about the awareness of climate protection in Uganda.