Sempijja began his activism of climate change in 2016 after volunteering with several non profit organizations he gained experience in community worker

He graduated at Makerere University and got a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology  with the enthusiasm he had for climate change he decided to take to sensitize young people of Mpogo Community Primary School about the solutions of how we can leave for the future in a sustainable environment and in this campaign many young people joined the flock after understanding the importance of tress to the environment as the first easy solution to climate challenges and in this campaign they agreed to plant at least one tree every week

Along with his team he moves to schools, and communities in many districts of Uganda to inspire young people through advocacy, informing, and involving them in the fight against climate challenges which is affecting a lot of Ugandans, In the activisim many people joined as volunteers and later the projects went viral on different platforms which later made many young people to recognize and realise the need to join.

In 2017 Destin traveled to South America in Ecuador and volunteered with Edificar Fundacion a non-profit organization from where he learnt a lot of skills in youth Leadership and also was an added advantage to learn the Spanish language which he speaks fairly good.

He has attended a lot of big conferences which includes the 2nd African Regional Conference in Nairobi on August 6-8 2019 which was organized by the Good Deeds Day a global movements that unites people from 108 countries to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet,  and also attended the IGD Inter Generational Dialogue which was organized by Reach A Hand Uganda on 22nd October 2019 at Kampala Serena Conference Hall.