With our community outreaches, we empower various hurting communities in the further rural areas of Uganda. Join us and help create lasting impacts.

 Women Empowerment

As a foundation and nation at large, we do treasure the mothers of the land. Supporting a woman or two means a lot to the life of every one in Uganda because they provide love and strength to their families. It’s them that take care of children even in the hardest times. When we empower women, we actually address their challenges such as the impact of climate change, domestic violence, poverty, gender inequality among others. Their needs range from farming materials, sensitization, guidance and counseling, food, health care and school fees for their children. They contribute much towards building societies.

Volunteering and partnering with us to help and empower women in Uganda offers you a unique experience. There are various ways to engage women and widows here in Uganda. For this reason, we offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities tailored to different interests and abilities. Our Volunteer campaigns offer a great place to start. While providing materials and support, these campaigns also encourage your initiative and creativity!