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Bio gas Clean Energy

In this project we started up using animal waste into clean reliable renewable energy and we install biogas cooking sources to schools and communities that


Recycling Mindset Initiative

Recycling Mindset initiate is a project under Cherish Aid Foundation and in this project we aim at recycling the unwanted plastic wastes which is a


Climate Live

Climate Live Climate live is a global movement of young people all over the globe using different entertainment platforms like Art, Music, Dance, and drama


Young Climate Voices

In this project we reach out to young people in schools and communities and we educate them more on how we can raise our voices


Girl Child Guardianship

In this project we aim at preventing teenage pregnancy and under-age marriages and to empower adolescent girls by adopting top notch advocacy channels for example


Child Education Support

Mpogo Community primary school is a community based school located in Buikwe District Mpogo community school is a gender mixed school that has been in

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Clean Water Facilitation Project

In this project we hope to work on borehole projects that can sustainably help the communities to access clean water since many districts in the